Keeping a bow for 10 years?

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Re: Keeping a bow for 10 years?

Unread postby sticknstringarchery » Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:01 am

RaisedByWolves wrote:
sticknstringarchery wrote:
RaisedByWolves wrote:I think bows will hit the "plateau" for technology in the next couple years so a bow like a carbon riser hoyt should last as long as you want it to. Just make sure you shoot lots of them if you want to settle down for ten years.

I have shot everything from the Element down to the Bowtech Assasin and everything in between. The only two brands I think I have over looked are the Elite and the Strother. I have held the G5 and was not a fan of the handle. Thats the first thing to me. If the handle doesn't feel right, I am done. I wont even draw it back. The Bear products to me have horible handles. Its kind of like a Glock vs S&W. I can't get past the way a Glock feels to even shoot it. The S&W M&P had me from the grip on. There is just something about the way the Hoyt bows, all of them feel in my hand. The Element is just s more refined Hoyt feeling. There were alot of them that I liked. Such as the Assasin, Invassion and the Winchester 345 I think it is labeled.

I have been thinking about it the past couple days. My wife also shoots and this will be her first season period and she is going all bow. No rifles or anything period. She says that is the only way to hunt. I agree. She has been wanting a Hoyt Vicxen. IMO it is the best female bow on the market and the fastest. I think I am going to make her think that we are puting down a payment on the element but, really be puting down monay on the Rampage XT for me and the Vicxen for her. If she is willing to wait to get her bow so that I can have the Element, she deserves to have the bow she wants. To me seeing her face when I show up to the house with that will be worth more to me than 20 years of hunting with the Element.

I think that is an awesome idea 8-) good for you the way the only difference between the rampage xt and the carbon element is the carbon riser vs. magnesium riser, all other dimensions/features are identical...enjoy the money you saved and get some sweet accessories! The Vicxen is a hot bow, did you ever look at the heartbreaker?? just like the assassin but a ladies version, another good bow for the $$ good luck

Yes she did look at the Heartbreaker but, thats all she did. One look and she said it aint a Vicxen. lol After doing some reseach I found that the Vicxen was a little faster and I drew back both and the Hoyt had a more solid feeling back wall and it dropped into the valley smoother. The whole draw cycle was smoother. It didn't seam to want to creep as bad either. The grip felt better too on the Hoyt. All in all it was a more refined feeling bow. I am not knocking the heartbreaker though. Its a noce bow. I also had the chance to handle the Bear Homewrecker. It really felt like Bear just threw it together just to get into the female bow market. I didn't like it from the time I wrapped my hand around the grip. Of course it is made for a woman though. There are starting to be a lot of goo dbows out thre for woman and I think that has a lot to do with Samantha Morgan and Tiffany Lakosky. Neither of which had an influence on my wife. My brother and I were out shooting one day and she asked to try. She hit the target first shot and hit the X within 30 shots. I may have some competition on my hands at the home range and in the woods before long if I don't stay on top of my game with her.

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Re: Keeping a bow for 10 years?

Unread postby Schultzy » Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:11 am

hoyt wrote:I use to buy a new compound about every 3yrs., but when I bought my last one 9yrs ago I told myself I wasn't going to buy another compound until they came out with one that would do something a lot better than the one I had.

Really doesn't matter anymore anyway since I went back to recurve last yr (after over 40yrs hunting with compounds) and haven't picked up a compound since. Nothing against compounds, I just like shooting without sights, using fingers, lightweight and all that goes with hunting with recurve bows.
Awesome, another traditional bow hunter here!! Best of luck Hoyt!!

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