Your buck or you neighbors

Discuss the science of figuring out our prey through good detective work.
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Your buck or you neighbors

Unread postby Swampthing » Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:55 am

Anyone have one of those bucks that shows up on your property. You would like to beleive he spends his daylight hours on your land as well. But your just not quite sure. I hunt in Mn with scattered woodlots many not over 40 acres in size. Small sloughs ,mainly open fields. I just ain't getting the definite sighting. I.ll get trail cam pics and sightings with shining a few hours after sunset. Not sure if he,s leaving his bed late or just stopping by my woods when he,s out and about feeding.
I was thinking mabey I should run some trailcams on some fencelines that enter ,my woods. Mabey get a traveling pic of him. Any ideas.

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Re: Your buck or you neighbors

Unread postby JRM6868 » Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:00 am

I was getting pics of a nice buck once every 4 days and had my cams on a fenceline. Got him coming and going. I hunt farmland and pretty much like your property not alot of woods just small pockets. He was bedding on someone else and traveling through ours. How late after dark your getting him shining will tell you how far he's traveling. Trailcams on the fence lines will tell you also.

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