Your most tempting moment ?

Discuss deer hunting tactics, Deer behavior. Post your Hunting Stories, Pictures, and Questions/Answers.
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robert richer
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Re: Your most tempting moment ?

Unread postby robert richer » Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:21 am

Hunting in public land near spooner wisconsin, Minong....

I hiked as far back as I could and climbed a tree with my lone wolf....snuggled in for the hunt. I watched other hunters in far distance and they pushed what I thought were deer through the swamp. They were not deer, they were wolves....two of them. They continued to move in my direction and lookin back at hunters, they both were about 25 yards a way and rested. One curled up and slepted and the other sat and watched the area... 20 minutes passed and I kepted playing with the safety and pullin the gun up and putting the cross-hairs on thier vitals...whew that was crazy and tempting.....never happened.


Another story, same area two days later...same situation, hiked even further back and found a soth facing ridge with good deer sign...a lot of oaks... Big deer poped out (9 pointer / 140 class)and i shot him...great right? Well by the time I climbed down and gathered my gear went to the deer, tagged the deer and purposely didnt field dress the deer do to the local wolves and predators it was gettin pretty dark. Took me a good 45 minutes to return to my atv...very dark. Well upon further review I was tempted to cross the "no ATV beyond this point" gate and get my deer.....well my temption took over.....I was so excited about my deer and worried about it being eaten, my tempting moment took over and flew passed the gate and retrieved my deer......whow was I "pooping" in my pants that a game warden or forest ranger was going to catch me!

p.s. this is the deer....would tempt the moment?



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