One more question for now: points in farm country for beds

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One more question for now: points in farm country for beds

Unread postby futuredoc » Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:49 am

Can the logic of bucks bedding on points in the marshes be applied to farm country? Meaning if I have a point in an elevated area that juts out into a field, offering a view and some escape cover, would this likely be a preferred bedding area?

The reason I ask is I found a decent looking area on the end of point in a soybeean field. Lots of tracks approaching this and multiple areas of vegetation squashed flat by something. No one are looked like the absolute spot an animal would lay. But I only saw one set of tracks going to this spot and multiple old rubs parraleling this point.

I actually find it difficult to identify a bed; I assume this is the case if the animal does not repeatedly lay in the same spot. Meaning if they move a couple feet this way or that it makes picking the bedding spot harder.



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Re: One more question for now: points in farm country for be

Unread postby dan » Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:57 am

Could be a good bedding spot... Hard to say. If it has the proper bedding cover it just might be. But points that jut out into fields can often get to much human activity because of how obvious they are. If it don't get much human traffic I would suspect bedding on the edges of the point.

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