Fishing in Current - River or Wind

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Fishing in Current - River or Wind

Unread postby Sam Ubl » Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:50 am

All fish, no matter the specie, react similarly to current in that they always face the current. Rarely do I catch fish, if ever, casting downstream and working the bait back - fish simple don't have time to react when a lure comes from behind and disappears in front of them.

Why face into the current? IMO, it's easier to rest in current swimming against - that seems obvious as facing away would send that fish rolling downstream. Like gravy on mashed potatoes, current sends sediment and all the edible things that coinside downstream, thus fish facing the current see food coming naturally and pick it off at will.

How does wind become a factor? While wind driven lake current is said to be only 2% of the actual wind speed, so long as its a prevailing wind lasting long enough to create a current, has the same effect on lake fish as current does on river fish.

When I attack a windy day, I will admit my frustration from the wind can take a little away from the enjoyment of the day, but I never give in to the easy way out - at least not when musky fishing - and cast with the wind. Bass fisherman and musky hunters alike, casting into the wind is the surest way to bring that lure past the 'facing' fish, rather than behind.

Rat's nests suck, and sometimes casts fall short of target, but rest assure, this is the most effective strategy on a windy day if you're fishing aggressively.

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