Bear hound hunting in Zone C / Wisconsin

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Should dog hunting be allowed in zone "C"

Yes to bait hunters 1st / but no to statewide dog hunting
yes to statewide dog hunting / but no to bait hunters 1st.
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Bear hound hunting in Zone C / Wisconsin

Unread postby dan » Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:40 am

The Wisconsin DNR will have people voting this spring on whether or not to allow dog hunting for bears statewide, and always allow bait hunters to go 1st...

Question 58- Bear Hunting with Dogs Statewide: Currently, on odd numbered years, the bear season for hunters using dogs starts on the first Wednesday in September. The season for hunters not using hounds starts a week later. On even numbered years, the season for bear hunters not using dogs starts on the first Wednesday in September. The season for bear hunters using dogs then starts a week later. Regardless of which season starts first, each season lasts a total of 28 days in Zones A, B, and D. The season runs the full 35 days in Zone C and hunting bears with the aid of dogs is not currently permitted in bear management Zone C at anytime. In July and August, bear hound training is allowed statewide. During the training period, dogs can be used to run bears for training purposes in all bear management zones, including Zone C.

Would you support bear hunting without the use of dogs starting the first Wednesday of September for 35 days statewide and bear hunting with the use of dogs starting the second Wednesday of September and continuing for 28 days statewide (including Zone C where it is currently prohibited)?

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Re: Bear hound hunting in Zone C / Wisconsin

Unread postby Hilts » Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:20 am

I voted undecided. I'm a hound hunter and all I see is red flags, I think it would do more harm than good for the hound hunting community. It would probably start a war on houndsmen.

If anything maybe the line for zone C should be adjusted slightly. I also think they should let the bait sitters start a week or two earlier in zone c. There is more monster bears in zone c than anywhere else in wisconsin, but every year right before opener all you hear is how peoples baits went dead. By moving the season dates up for zone c you would see more bears killed and it may also reduce the pressure in northern wisconsin, where it takes 8+ year to get a tag, as more guys would opt for the earlier season.
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Re: Bear hound hunting in Zone C / Wisconsin

Unread postby PLB » Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:50 am

Not enough big pieces of public land in Zone C for hound hunting imo. If you don't want hounds where you hunt, apply for Zone C like me and get a tag every 4 years ;) :lol:
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