Should landowners get to use cable restraints ?

Should landowners get to use cable restraints ?

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Should landowners get to use cable restraints ?

Unread postby dan » Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:19 am

This question will be asked at the Wisconsin DNR spring meetings this year...

Question 54- Cable Restraints on Private Lands (# 510210): On private lands, a land owner (or occupant of any lands and members of their immediate family living with them) can hunt (if at least 10 years of age) or trap seven species of wild animals (coyote, fox, raccoon, squirrels, opossum, woodchuck, rabbits) on the land they own or occupy year round without the need for a license. There is no biological reason for prohibiting a landowner from using cable restraints on their own land year round. Cable restraints are much easier to set on trails and travel corridors than foot hold traps and this would provide more opportunity to use cable restraints. Cable restraints could be utilized on private lands by the land owners, especially during the months of October, November, and December when pelts are prime. In some areas of the state coyotes, fox and other furbearers are very plentiful and this would give land owners another tool to manage these animal populations.

Would you support allowing private land owners/occupants to use cable restraints year round on lands owned or occupied by them for the species they now can hunt or trap year round without a license?
54. YES_______ NO______

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Re: Should landowners get to use cable restraints ?

Unread postby chad » Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:59 am

I voted yes, but I think it should only be if targeting a nuisance animal problem, like coyotes, or something threatening the landowners animals, ect. Not against cable restraints just think if it's a year round thing it should only be used for nuisance problems when not in season

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