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Deer Taxidermy Videos

Unread postby Mountain Man » Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:02 am

If you are interested in learning deer taxidermy I have some beginner VHS videos for sale that can get you started on the right track. The videos are like new and from a smoke-free home.

1. Fleshing and Tanning Basics by McKenzie - $15 includes shipping (new this would be $22 w/o shipping)

2. Whitetail Mounting Basics by McKenzie and Whitetail Finishing Basics by McKenzie - $30 for both includes shipping (new these would be $44 w/o shipping)

3. The North American Whitetail Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Wildlife Artist Reference Videos by Pelc Wildlife Arts - $45 for both, includes shipping (new these would be $62 for both w/o shipping). The videos show close ups of various deer anatomy on live whitetails from fawns through adults, does and bucks (including different age classes of bucks), and there is a narrator discussing each feature throughout the videos. These videos are well worth the price and I have found them to be one of the most valuable tools that have helped me become a better deer taxidermist.

I also have all the main “parts” to mount a 1.5 year old buck. The parts include a commercially tanned cape, a semi-upright manikin from Matuska Taxidermy Supply Co. (the deer manikin was sculpted from measurements of WI deer), glass eyes, plastic earliners, and I have a small 8-point rack available too but you could use your own rack if you have one. Please note this would not include some mounting supplies such as clay, hide paste, etc., and it also would not include any finishing supplies. If you are interested in any of this stuff let me know and I can figure out a price.

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