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Unread postby BackWoodsHunter » Sat Apr 09, 2011 5:39 am

All of the deer that reproduce are being shot off thats the problem! I would assume your populations in MI aren't very high so I think putting a target on the does just so you could shoot a buck would maybe work in the short term but the whole herd would take a huge hit and make for hard hunting in about 10yrs IMO. Good luck with that but EAB here is nothing but bad news. Not to mention the DNR wanted to ERADICATE CWD by eradicating the deer so unlimited free tags and unlimited EAB has destroyed the deer herd in the southern part of the state.

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Unread postby solocam88 » Sat Apr 09, 2011 5:41 am

kenn1320 wrote:Many of us in Michigan wish we had EAB, with the thought that it would protect many 1.5yr old bucks. The thought is guys dont get their doe(harder to kill then those young bucks) so that saves some bucks. Or they screw up the area getting their doe and put the bucks on alert and or nocturnal. You guys have had the system, what is the big down sides to this? FYI we get plenty of guys shooting button bucks anyway and our late doe season puts a hurt on some bucks who have shed antlers.

Earn a buck slaughtered a lot of nub bucks and doe fawns. It was implemented very broad across the state, so areas that had low deer numbers had to abide by EAB and shoot off does even though the deer population was not high to begin with.

It saved some young bucks that might have been shot because people wanted to save their earn a buck tag... but over time the numbers began to get so low in some areas that there were no deer to shoot and nub bucks didnt get a chance to grow up.

If you have a lot of nub bucks shot now, EAB will multiply that number by 10.

Late doe seasons are BS a lot of bucks get shot and they are usually big bucks that shed early.

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