Transplanting trees

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Re: Transplanting trees

Unread postby Ryan549 » Sat Apr 03, 2021 10:55 pm

tim wrote:
Ryan549 wrote:
tim wrote:If I get apple trees late summer or into fall I water till they go dormant then plant in spring before out of dormancy cause I can’t be around enough to water.

Fall planting is extremely good.
I’d rather have them go through dormancy in the ground, they will establish roots and then really take off in the spring.
Depending on the rootstock they are on, you are waiting 2-5 yrs (maybe even more) for fruit anyway, better to plant it and gain a few months of root set than to wait- in my opinion.
I graft and plant a lot of trees every year

Either way you look at it, planting trees is a great thing

I’m no expert and you are probably 100% correct.....except I’m hunting in the fall and don’t want to take the time to do it in the fall anymore. I did one time when I first started and it cost me huge on a buck I had patterned and didn’t think it would affect him too bad where I was planting, boy was I wrong . So now I just do it all in the spring when I’m not so worried and not sitting in a tree as much as possible

That is a very valid point of view. There are plenty of ways to be successful with trees, the main one being to plant them!
Spring, fall or whatever, you putting trees into the ground is better than nothing. Good luck with everything!


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