So you have identified your weakness but have you done everything you can to make it a strength?

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So you have identified your weakness but have you done everything you can to make it a strength?

Unread postby Brian1986 » Thu Jan 28, 2021 12:46 pm

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a maniacal work ethic as a body builder. Yet when he was younger his calves were his weak point. He wasn't getting results even though he thought he was working hard at it. Then he met up with Reg Park, his body building idol, who had massive calves to begin training with him. Arnold said I want calves like yours. So Reg began to start his calf workout and threw 500lbs on the machine for his first set. In shock Arnold said "500lbs??!! I'll rip my achilles!!" Reg went on to say to get truly big calves he would go all the way up to 1000lbs. Not only was it about lifting heavier than Arnold at the time thought possible but it was about making sure to go through a full range of motion. Arnold's mind was blown. He began training with this new routine and soon his calves were growing so fast that people accused him of getting implants.

So this year like every year I took inventory of my hunting season- what I did well and I what I didn't. What was my weakness? Shooting... again it was shooting. I am a fairly decent athlete and have prided myself at being self taught at everything. Archery was no different. I read some of the basics about form and then taught myself to shoot. But shooting my bow over the years has never been the strongest part of my game even though most years I feel confident in my shooting. And I have worked hard at it shooting hundreds of arrows yearly at the practice range. Yet the accuracy and consistency at the range hasn't translated to the hunt. Yes, I have converted some of my opportunities into kills. But not at the rate I should have. This year shooting and not recovering a big buck was the final straw. Something was breaking down in the moment of truth. So this off-season I decided to do something about it beyond the normal "well I will just practice more, practice harder". In my search to do more I watched the School of Nock series by John Dudley titled "Starting an All New Season as an Archer". I instantly saw several holes in my archery form and routine. It was clear and obvious... even though I thought I was working hard at it, the work I was putting in was flawed. So I am tearing down and rebuilding my archery form and routine from scratch and committing to this method & routine this year.

Its one thing to identify your weakness but it's another things to correct it and make it a strength. What is one of your weaknesses? Has this weakness re-surfaced over the years? If so have you looked at the weakness from all angles to determine ways of improving you haven't tried? Who has some success stories of making a weakness a strength?

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Re: So you have identified your weakness but have you done everything you can to make it a strength?

Unread postby Boogieman1 » Sun Jan 31, 2021 8:56 am

My biggest weakness this season was performing at my best when it mattered most. I missed 2 separate times on shots I believe I can make 100 out of 100 times. Easy to say practice, but I shoot 365 days a year. Maybe in an effort to make myself feel better I say it was just not meant to be. I watch the best golfers in the world shank em in the bushes or miss a 2 ft putt. I see the best sluggers in baseball sink into slumps. I don’t feel it’s due to them not practicing. Personally I believe there’s times it’s just not our day no matter what. Stinks when it happens but does make me appreciate the good times. I like the uncertainty and won’t dabble in gadgetry to try an remove it. When the moment of truth comes again I will do the same thing I did this year. Give it my best shot!
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