New Hunting Property

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New Hunting Property

Unread postby hounddog409 » Sat Jan 16, 2021 7:56 am

Hello all. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years.

After a looooong time saving, I was finally able to purchase 80 acres in the Jackson/Roane county area of West Virginia.
typical wooded ohio valley terrain.

My plan is to create a property that will draw and keep deer in fall/winter. I really do not care if deer are on the property during spring or summer. These means bedding cover and late season/winter browse.

In my mind, this means lots of thick Honey Locust, wild plum, red osier dogwood, elderberry, huckleberry, hazelnut, hawthorn, chokecherry, greenbriar, etc. Some conifer mixed in. I will hinge cut some the maple, ash, popular, box elder, etc. I will clear out some of the undesirable trees mentioned that are not hinged to open the canopy and promote regeneration. Of course some mature oaks will be kept.

I will add 1 or 2 mineral lick sites and possible watering holes, depending on how much water is present in the creeks late season. The plan is to damn up a creek/run-off or 2 and add mineral site close by. a mock scrape near each for trail cameras.

I saw lots of deer sign/trails when looking at the property, but have not had the chance to really walk the entire property and get an inventory what is currently there. That will be completed soon.

Does this sound like a solid plan? Am I on a good path or off my rocker?

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