Big water shoreline marshes and swamps?

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Big water shoreline marshes and swamps?

Unread postby WIswampdweller20 » Sat Dec 12, 2020 10:00 am

Howdy, new member-first time posting,

First, I have to say how much of a welcome breakthrough it’s felt like to stumble on to Dan’s insights then further educate myself on Beast tactics through various media platforms. I’ve been pounding public land exclusively in multiple areas of WI since my youth and though unmentored and a devoted student to the whitetail, I have not had the success on mature bucks I’d strived to achieve by this point in my life. I feel as though year after year I’ve inched my way towards his undeniably effective approach, but somehow managed to pick up just enough of the lore and fake news out there to revere buck beds as some sort of forbidden realm, which has stifled my efforts and resigned me to content myself with does and younger bucks. The primary areas I hunt, swamps and marshes some of which border the big lake here in WI, have always been exceedingly difficult to pattern movements on as much of the terrain is very monotonous and much of the prime bedding(which had been previously engrained in me as off limits) lacks any large enough trees to provide an elevated set and is too thick for ground hunting. I had further limited myself
by being a strictly mobile hunter, primarily climber stands and occasionally chain on/ portables, but have a saddle on order, and intend to seek out or make/ modify a light weight stand for narrow trees that will allow me access to some of these areas that have previously just been sanctuary. I’m extremely stoked to get out and implement these new tactics, and have already begun to re-scout my many local haunts, but one thing that still eludes me is on shoreline marsh, where I’ve encountered big bucks bedded on small dry humps with no real edge or transition to help pattern or predict movement, is how to they use a large body of water relative to wind and visibility in terms of their bed selection predictable travel routes?

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Re: Big water shoreline marshes and swamps?

Unread postby Rob loper » Tue Dec 15, 2020 10:47 am

Welcome my friend a-lot of good stuff here.
This is a great question because i have also come to find these type beds along the marshes of the Delmarva areas.

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