How to hunt from a cow pasture with a Bull

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Re: How to hunt from a cow pasture with a Bull

Unread postby Grizzlyadam » Mon Dec 14, 2020 11:11 am

SamPotter wrote:
Grizzlyadam wrote:
KRONIIK wrote:
SamPotter wrote:I’m a dairy farmer. I’ve been attacked by a bull, my dad was almost killed by a bull. Every year farmers get killed by bulls. Regardless of what the farmer that owns this bull tells you about how friendly he is, bulls are fine until the moment that they snap. Once they decide they’re going to kill you, you’re going to be lucky to get out alive.

I wouldn’t hunt in a pasture with a bull if I didn’t have prior experience with bulls.

I grew up on a dairy farm and have been VERY fortunate to have escaped bulls who wanted to SMASH me into mush.
NEVER trust any bull.
The friendly ones will nuzzle and let you scratch their forehead one day and flat-out KILL you the next.

So what would you suggest someone to do if they find themselves in a situation with a bull? If your in a field and all of a sudden realize your on his turf and he's coming for you. Do you try to run? What is the best recourse?

Run using evasive maneuvers. Put any obstacle between possible you and him. Get up a tree, or better yet, under or over the fence.

Thanks, that's what I was kind of thinking. Or maybe my bear spray would work. My evasive manuvers aren't what they used to be, lol.

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Re: How to hunt from a cow pasture with a Bull

Unread postby Sailfish_WC » Mon Dec 14, 2020 2:33 pm

I used to hunt a ranch.
I had an area that during most of hunt season there were no cattle.
Later after the cows were bred he’d put the bull in “my” area to rest. He had the entire 100 acres to himself.
Rancher said he was #2000 of friendly. I never went in their when the bull was there. First time I saw the sob I thought it was a rhino! It was jacked. Rancher said he’s harmless. Nope not me.

Funny story. I was hunting that area one night(Didn’t know he moved the cows in there). About dark I was climbing down my tree. I heard this god awful noise far offf. Then it was louder. I had no idea what it was but the sound was almost on top of me so I stopped climbing down.
Next thing I know it was the cattle stampeding!!
After I realized what it was I relaxed. I also realized a cow stopped directly under my stand. She didn’t know I was there. I said “hey cow”
Bet you didn’t know cows could jump. Lol she was scared to death and took off!
So I still have to walk outta the woods through the pasture.
As soon as I get into the pasture 100 head of cattle come charging after me!! Not knowing cattle I look for the nearest tree. There isn’t any!!
As mentioned, prior. Apparently cattle are curious. Types. They came trotting Over to me, swarmed me at about 5’ and they had this loon on their face like “uh, what you got for us?”
I worked my way through the crowd to my truck
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Re: How to hunt from a cow pasture with a Bull

Unread postby muddy » Mon Dec 14, 2020 2:47 pm

One thing I learned was to talk to cattle when they appeared to be agitated or spooky. Growing up i heard every neighbor within a mile call their cattle in for feed in the morning or at night.





Lon, Alan, Butch, and Steve all talking to their cattle. Depending on the farm I was hunting I would copy cat what the farmers would hollar, and it worked. Even state cattle would calm down if I talked to them quietly but confidently.
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Re: How to hunt from a cow pasture with a Bull

Unread postby UntouchableNess » Mon Dec 14, 2020 2:56 pm

Muddy the cow whisperer, lol.

Not a bad strategy really.
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Re: How to hunt from a cow pasture with a Bull

Unread postby WVArcher32 » Tue Dec 15, 2020 2:44 am

Our family farm has always had cattle, I've been around them my entire life but never really messed with them. My uncle and father did all the winter feeding, calving, etc. Anyway, there was a time when I was terrified of them, I remember when I first started hunting by myself that I had to cross the field they were in, I tried to avoid them at all costs but they're curious creatures and usually go right towards you. Crossing a field in the dark with black angus cattle isn't fun, they sneak up on you. Sounds funny, but I think they can sense fear. Ever since I started acting comfortably around them, and not scared to cross their paths, I've noticed their demeanor kind of changes as well, they get comfortable as well.

I will say that this season after shooting my buck on the edge of their pasture field, I got anxious. Cows and bull were curious, I know they hate the smell of blood. Sometimes it doesn't bother them, sometimes they smell it and they go nuts. Remember that next time you gut your deer near them, always eye them and make sure you're safe.

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