Whitetails, and long bombs.

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Re: Whitetails, and long bombs.

Unread postby may21581 » Mon Dec 07, 2020 11:38 am

Some guys can shoot quarters at 40 yds and some guys can't hit a pie plate at that distance. With that said everyone has their own personal limits. Ive shot mature bucks out past 45 yards clean and I have had them duck on me inside 30 yards. When you start getting out there there are lots of things starting to work against you. However with the absolute best conditions and angles it can be done.
Case in point this year I lost my target buck because I took a 45 yard shot in low light. I couldn't see his leg back and I got into the shoulder. At that distance my arrow had lost alot of energy and the mechanical could not penetrate it. If I was shooting at 20 yards we would be having a different story to talk about.
2017 I shot my biggest buck to date at 47 yards. The angle was better, more light, and I heart shot him. Its not ideal and something I don't plan on doing but it can be situational. And this is just talk about compound bows not including crossbows.

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