Northwoods Folk- how do you approach the rut ?

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Northwoods Folk- how do you approach the rut ?

Unread postby 1STRANGEWILDERNESS » Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:52 am

I love the northwoods. I love em in October and I love em in late November- early December. But that first 2-3 weeks of November hasn’t been good to me. This yr it seems the place became a ghost town a week early. Not sure what to blame it on. Lockdown ? ( no not the beast member, I mean the rut phase) :lol: or the other thing is with firearm opener looming on the 15th People start baiting heavy. This yr it happened earlier according to the local feed guy. Either way I’ve lost track of the deer No doe, no buck. I know they say the doe are pushed back in the cover Using lockdown. It’s all heavy cover here lol! I’m talking predominantly conifer swamps. I haven’t found em yet but I’m either gonna go on a big far and wide search trying out some much different regions that offer some more diversity or I’m gonna comb the local swamps and leave no stone unturned until I figure out where these dang things went. Which could honestly take me weeks as it is..I’m kinda mad at em now!

Needless to say the rut is actually my weak spot in the season and I have to figure another approach.

How do you guys approach the rut in the northwoods ?

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