To hunt again or not

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To hunt again or not

Unread postby Pabigbuckiller » Wed Oct 28, 2020 2:28 am

So this past saturday i hunted a spot in cattail marsh i had scouted this past winter this was a first time sit i slipped in hung my stand and it wasnt a half hour later i heard a buck stand up out of his bed and rub a tree he moved slowly to the left then disappeared probably a hour went by i heard grunting and watched a 140 class buck run 2 doe all over never giving me a shot before leaving now the 2 doe stuck around the one had a crippled leg and i decided to take her now my question is with getting my scent all over do i push back in and risk it this is a primary bedding area that i dont want to burn.

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Re: To hunt again or not

Unread postby headgear » Wed Oct 28, 2020 2:44 am

I mean this time of year is probably the best time to take a shot at it, he might still be there or miles away. You can always scout it and then decide or setup an observation sit to see if they are still around. I flubbed a shot Sunday night on a deflection, the day before there were two guys trampling the woods scouting for rifle season and they were chatting me up a bit. I ended up hunting right where they were walking because a fresh track was heading into that bedding area and I got my chance. 20 years of hunting would have told me to not hunt that spot because they were there the day before but I did and it paid off in a not so pay off sort of way.

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