Follow the Sign (first bow kill)

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Re: Follow the Sign (first bow kill)

Unread postby mheichelbech » Mon Oct 26, 2020 10:33 am

flyin9 wrote:
mheichelbech wrote:That’s pretty cool to say you raced with him. Larson is going to be a champion if he ever gets to be with a championship level team. Ganassi just isn’t. Not sure why not. I’d like to see Larson do the Indy 500. Regarding Stewart, that dude is rich. He just is very humble about his money but he is also really smart.

About the corn, I meant corn as a bait pile if you ever use it to inventory deer on your property. Ok mix it with the bird seed since it’s’s hard to tell right now with chasing starting but I did have just corn in my back yard (put it back there just to watch deer and study them) with no bird seed. I didn’t have but 1 buck come in. After I put the bird seed with the corn, I had 3 different bucks come in. It could have been a hot doe that drew them as well but it seems to have made a difference.

Gotcha on the corn!

The guy my dad teamed up with knows all of the big name guys really well. When Tony was with JZ, this guy was her crew chief for a while. Tony told him he needed about 200 million in the bank to live out his life without changing his lifestyle to retire. Regular joes like us can’t even fathom that kind of money. I’m just happy to be able to have a pickup I don’t make payments on, I feel like I have made it in the world! LOL

Haha my pick up that I don’t make payments on has 238,000 miles, rings going out, rusted out rocker and quarter panels. I’ve made up my mind I’m gonna roll it till it dies.

"One of the chief attractions of the life of the wilderness is its rugged and stalwart democracy; there every man stands for what he actually is and can show himself to be." — Theodore Roosevelt, 1893

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