Scouting Your Way into a Hunt

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Scouting Your Way into a Hunt

Unread postby Colingraat » Mon Oct 19, 2020 12:38 am

So last night I went into an area that I had scouted in March and had decent sign. So I made my way into this piece and slowly scouted thru. I had made way about an hour in and basically all the way thru the piece with no sign that i felt i showed set up on. Just wondering how often you guys run into a situation like this, and if you do what do you do. Do you back track and set up in the best spot you saw? Do you leave and try a different spot? I just kept poking around for a bit longer and then headed home. In the end didnt see any real great or fresh sign. I think it is probably gets more action during the rut.

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Re: Scouting Your Way into a Hunt

Unread postby mauser06 » Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:47 am

Depends on the situation.

A lot of times, I do the same. Have an idea in mind. A few suspected areas of bedding to ultimately hunt...but a "loop" or whatever to scout my way through.

Usually, if I don't see what I'm looking for, it's either keep walking and scouting or setup anyways. Not enough time to get out and relocate.

Also have to consider the timing. Here, just a few days ago, there wasn't much for rubs and scrapes out there.

3 years ago I killed a buck on our opener. This year on 10/14. Both on different marshes. Neither setup had any sort of sign saying hunt here.

Both setups were in areas I didn't think we're molested by anyone. They were within 200yds of known bedding and at the first oak food source on the way to destination night fields.

Very situational. Trust your hard scouting and your gut.

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