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MN North Woods Help

Unread postby flyin9 » Thu Oct 15, 2020 6:45 am

Hey guys, looking for some opinions. This shows ~120 acres of 450 that my extended family owns and gun hunts on in MN. A cousin and I bow hunt and we have been spending time the last few weeks searching for sign and the most sign is in this chunk of the property.

Info about the picture. Top of the photo is true north, yellow square is 40 acre parcel.
Red lines: Horizontal ~500 yards, Vertical ~400 yards
Red X's: places I have hunted this year
Green lines: inside of the green lines was harvested 3 summers ago popular trees and pine trees, today a majority of this area is now pretty thick popular suckers 5-10 feet tall.
Purple lines: Most of the sign making we have seen is in these areas.

Tomorrow and Friday night we have WNW winds 10+ MPH, I feel like the place to be is the saddle slightly left of the center of the photo inside the green and purple circles and the elevation shows a big flat hilltop at about 1280 feet. I also feel like i should start on the north side of the hilltop tomorrow night and move south on Friday night if tomorrow night doesn't work out.

Any thoughts, opinions or suggestions? Thanks!

2020 center property.png
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