Pine timber

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Pine timber

Unread postby Jhunter77 » Mon Oct 12, 2020 3:31 am

Hello, I have been hunting public for thr last 3 years. Lots of in season scouting as typically I still hunt. I have learned a lot but need a few more pointers. I hunt east Texas pine timber. Lots of beauty berries, lots of creeks with water and hogs everywhere. Very thick and impossible to go quietly very far. Hogs seem to be all over any oak flats and deer appear to be on higher ground. They have to move very little. They have food water and cover all over the place. Its mixed with high hunting pressure so deer typically move bedding a lot. Would you typically still try to hunt hill points according to the wind or would you just wait for the rut and try to catch them when they are moving better? Is there another tactic I am missing to try? This area is super thick so most animals just hold up in the thicket until bumped out or stay put unless crawl in after them. A clear area in a tree stand you might be able to see 100 yards, but no clear shots until 30 to 40 yards. This is my first post, but I have been reading a while. The balloon bedding is scary, lol. Last year I stalked up on a group of bedded hogs but no shot so I continued a few yards and had deer get up out of their bedding, passed a yearling buck. With in 20 yards a ballon. Thanks for a great forum.

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