Jumped a BOONER walking through corn!

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Re: Jumped a BOONER walking through corn!

Unread postby Lockdown » Wed Sep 23, 2020 3:35 pm

Here’s how my mind works. If someone says that bucks won’t bed randomly in a huge corn field, huge expanse of cattails, or monstrous thicket, the first thing I’m going to ask is how they know that...

It’s a needle in a hay stack situation 100%. And there is no structure to put them back in the same beds all the time. I know of sections, a full 1x1 mile - 640 acres, with zero fence lines and zero blades of grass. One landowner. So hypothetically, let’s say there’s a buck that likes to lay out in the corn. What on earth could a guy possibly do to verify he’s spending time out there? Still hunt a square mile of corn repeatedly? How would you run cam? There are no drainages or edges for them to follow other than the roads themselves.

I’m not saying I believe a buck will walk 1/2 mile into corn just to lay down, they’ll likely be within a couple hundred yards of the edge. I’m just trying to make a point.

Ok now let’s take a similar situation, but say there’s a drainage ditch running through it with a big willow clump in one spot. The deer will key on that and so will the hunter. The hunter will likely have success at some point.

It boils down to statistics and how we apply them. If I never hunt in the middle of a corn field or willow thicket I’m never going to kill a buck there. If I only hunt that drainage and spots similar to that, they’re the only places I’ll have success.

It’s similar to fishing a huge structureless mud flat. Most guys are going to struggle because it’s a big area and it will take some work, and time, to find the fish. But they’re there. Then the next guy says “There ain’t many fish on the flats, I catch all of my fish on the rock piles and sunken islands.”

And for good reason. The fish are easier to find on the structure. Keep hopping structures till you find them. Just like big bucks are easier to find in classic bedding terrain features.

I feel if pressure is low, they’d RATHER be in the trees and habitat. If pressure is high, standing corn means safety.

My .02

Sorry for the long post.

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Re: Jumped a BOONER walking through corn!

Unread postby trob_205 » Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:25 pm

Standing corn can defiantly be primary buck bedding and is a big reason why the farm I hunt holds more deer on corn rotation years. It definitely isn’t just a random sea of bedding cover though. Irrigation lanes, isolated trees or grassy areas or “swale holes” as they are often referred too around here. Fence rows in between two corn fields or on the inside corners of the fields where coons and deer have kind of thinned out the cover a bit. I love corn for October and hope it comes off for the rut. When it’s up the does get so spread out the regular doe beddings areas and cover in or around the outside of timber aren’t as good or predictable. I do like a soy bean rotation for rut but typically the early part of the season is pretty dead in those areas for me.
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Re: Jumped a BOONER walking through corn!

Unread postby Prairie Sasquatch » Sun Sep 27, 2020 2:16 pm


This would be a good example of the type of spot I hunt along a cornfield.
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Re: Jumped a BOONER walking through corn!

Unread postby Lu Rome » Sun Sep 27, 2020 11:01 pm

Deer will definitely bed in corn. So will elk. It's a big issue in NE, as soon as the corn is tall enough to hide an elk, they go in and don't come out.

A buddy of mine in SD used to hunt cornfields and look down the rows for bedded deer, slip over a few rows and sneak down until even with the deer and then get them to stand. Worked better with the 36" rows and dryland corn that only got to 6'. 22" and 10' makes that tough.
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Re: Jumped a BOONER walking through corn!

Unread postby Moose » Sun Sep 27, 2020 11:36 pm

I know when spraying in the summer when then corn is atleast waist high i bump deer all the time. When we are harvesting i dont see near the deer but there's alot more equpiment noise during harvest so im sure they get jumped way before i can see them.

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