How long to wear a bed to bear ground?

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How long to wear a bed to bear ground?

Unread postby mipubbucks24 » Tue Sep 22, 2020 8:28 am

Found a group of 5/6 beds today worn totally to the dirt, no hair in them. They were in this thick blow down area that was just south of marsh bedding, I am positive they are buck beds even though I saw no rubs. I don’t believe they are in use now, but they get used at least for a good chunk of the year as they were all worn to bear ground.

So a couple of questions for the bed experts;

How long does it take for a bed to be worn to bear ground?

The way the beds were set up it seems like they would be sitting there with a Southernly wind with the cover to their back and an easy escape rout to the marsh. But it would make more sense from a rut standpoint that they would be there on a Northern wind so they can smell all the traffic walking through the marsh?

Without posting a map as this property would be easily identifiable, what would be you guys opinion on time of use? And what wind you would guess they were using it on.

It’s obvious the deer shifts with the wind in this little secure area but just want to get peoples opinion. I did find a sign post run about 75 yards from the area, but not a lot of other buck sign at this time. I’m thinking he is positioned in this area pre rut/rut to keep an eye on doe bedding, I just did not find the doe bedding, I had limited time, and the doe could be bedding In the marsh.

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