WHAT SHOULD I DO?? Aggressive early season tactics.

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WHAT SHOULD I DO?? Aggressive early season tactics.

Unread postby JCarney18 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:32 am

Hi everyone, first post here on the hunting beast and I need some opinions. Some background: I hunt in southwestern Wisconsin on permission properties, and this particular property is 388 acres. It has a lot of crop fields (corn, alpha, and some beans), some CRP, two river bottoms, and two creeks. There are tons of oaks on the property, but haven't noticed a ton of acorns dropping yet. I'm very blessed to be able to hunt here. Anyway, I have 5 deer that I believe to be over 160", and did a ton of summer scouting to try and figure them out. I had them down to a 25 acre section that all but one of the shooter bucks was using on a regular basis. Season opened up on Sept. 12, and that evening I setup on an alpha field that I had glassed two nights prior and one of the bucks came out into it. I ended up seeing the oldest deer on the property at 7 yards along with 4 other smaller bucks with him (I passed because he would score about 100" and I'm just looking for something above that 160" mark) a younger buck got 1 yard from the blind and spooked. They rest of the deer soon followed but didn't think any of my target bucks spooked because I didn't see them... So I took a chance and Sunday morning, I setup really close to that bedding area (didn't see anything) and checked a trail cam that was 30 yards from the tree and found out that 4 of the 5 shooters passed the camera in the last 24 hours. So I was setup about 120 yards or so away from them opening day. Mostly afternoon movement (5:30pm - 8:00pm), but the biggest buck moved in the morning. So went back that afternoon, but moved the stand right over that camera. Again, I did not see a thing. I went in yesterday just to check a couple cameras and move a cell camera to that spot where I had 4 of the 5 shooters walk by in the 24 hour period and left. Didn't jump any deer and went the safest route possible. So my question... how should I approach this? I am torn between bouncing to the next bedding area and doing some hang and hunts there, or just hunting safe (crop field edges), or just staying out of there completely until the cell cam tells me they're back. I know it was a big gamble to get that aggressive on those bucks this early but I was about 120 yards away from making it happen. so close. Now I have to deal with the consequences, and need some help on what I should do next. Thanks a lot everyone.

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Re: WHAT SHOULD I DO?? Aggressive early season tactics.

Unread postby Zephyrus » Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:51 am

I'm new to this too, so bear that in mind with my answer.

You know they are there. They now know you are there.

Come back next month, so you don't educate them that this area is no longer safe.
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Re: WHAT SHOULD I DO?? Aggressive early season tactics.

Unread postby backstraps » Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:57 am

Id keep moving around and get on one of them

You know they are there....the main ingredient for killing a big buck...is the big buck

Got to get them while they are there.

Id use caution and stop the cam checking stuff unless its on your way in or out of where youre going to hunt. No need to put scent all around unless necessary

I also wouldnt step on that property without a stand and a bow
Be ready to hang and hunt right when you see the sign telling you to attack

Just my .02
5 shooters in the property is sweeet!! Thats also a good sized chunk of ground, so you may move them around, but you’ll probably put them in the most secure bedding...but I doubt you push them all off the property before shooting one

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