2020 changes you plan to make.

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2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby Tennhunter3 » Fri Aug 07, 2020 3:51 am

I was wondering what changes everyone plans to make this hunting season and why you chose the changes your making.

Last year while I did kill.
I made alot of mistakes seems I do that every year.

A few of the major mistakes.

I hunted areas during bow season that had held a good buck the year before in 2018 without having up to date camera pics in 2019 . And I saw alot of nothing. I did almost get a nice 9 point hunting by the road but it was a area I had never hunted before.

My change
This year I plan to hunt areas that I have pics of at least one shooter from 2020.

Another of my biggest flaws is i hunt my local wma too much dispite it having very few shooters in it and alot of pressure. Have 2 good ones located in it so far in a 8000 acre wma.

My change this year I plan on traveling to hunt more. With Covid I have much more free time so I should be able to stay in better wmas for longer.

Last year I had think it was the first 11 days of the season I had winds blowing from the East to the west.It was the strangest thing ever.

This year I plan to do a much better job of having odd wind stand spots planned.

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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby rfickes87 » Fri Aug 07, 2020 4:06 am

After years of consistently shooting "make you happy" bucks, (the 100" 16 inch wide type) I'm trying to target specific bucks this year. I have cataloged quite a few prime big buck bedding areas over the last 5 years while beast hunting. So this year I strategically placed cameras near bedding but still a few hundred yards from the actually beds. Just close enough that I would get a few pictures of what is there. After recent card pulls this week I know what areas I want to target and what areas I'll pass on where as in year past if I knew of buck bedding I'd just hunt it regardless of not knowing trophy potential.

This one area has a 130-140" 10 point showing up 3 different times on camera over a 2 month period. and 2 differ 115-120 class 8 pointers. So I've pulled my cameras outta there and now just gonna wait till the opener. I know the exact beds from spring scouting, so I'm just staying away now until the opener. I do wish I had scouted the rim of the bedding just to find some active bed scrapes while I was recently in there getting my cameras. I would feel much more confident I had done that and picked a tree to climb. Perhaps I still will here soon BUT even so, I've never been more confident in killing my best bow buck this year.
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby hcooper84 » Fri Aug 07, 2020 4:22 am

The biggest change I am making is converting to a heavier arrow setup. Last year 30" arrow, 100 grain mechanical, total weight ~415-430 grains. I paid no attention to arrows, just bought them and slapped a broadhead on.

New arrow: 200 spine 30" arrow, 200 grain Maasai Grizzlystik Broadhead, 100 grain insert, total weight 695-700 grains. Went through the RF process actually understand a bit about arrows and flight now.

Also, I plan to pay better attention to present sign. I feel that I have tried to look at too many things at once in previous years causing me to miss little but important clues. I plan on giving these little clues more attention individually.

I plan on doing some ground hunting closer to the rut. A property I have access to has a large crp tract that has alot of diversity mixed into it (cedar, sapplings, water sources, etc.) it seems like a perfect place to do some calling and spot and stalks.
It really reminds me of something Zach from THP likes to hunt so I am gonna give his strategy a try.
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby Huntress13 » Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:02 am

Biggest change is I got a mobile setup. This is going to allow me to get close to bedding, probably screw up, attempt a bump and dump for the first time, and all kinds of fun stuff. :lol:
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby Drenalin » Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:05 am

Even knowing better, I over hunted a good piece of private last year. Later in the season, I started hiking into more remote places I had never been before and had good hunts and plenty of solitude. So this year my biggest change is to try and hunt deeper spots and new ground much more often.

I've also ditched the treestand for this season so I'll be a bit more mobile. I've always struggled to stay in one place and I've pushed down the urge to see what's "over there" because that's what you're "supposed" to do. This year I'm just going to embrace it and cover as much ground as I want.

Last big change is I switched from a compound to a crossbow due to an old shoulder injury catching up to me. Max range won't change, will just be a little different - some good, some bad - compared to the compound.
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby HunterBob » Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:57 am

1. Switching to a saddle which I think will allow me to be even more mobile than last year.

2. Hunting spots less often and finding new spots. I also made the mistake of overhunting my most local WMA. Planning to drive further and find areas that have more habitat diversity.

3. Hunt smarter and use different tactics as the season changes. Staying aware of the best strategies for early season, acorn fall, pre-rut, rut, late rut, and late season. Also not be afraid to hunt from the ground if that is called for.

4. Enjoy my time in the woods and if I am not, take a break.
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby Evanszach7 » Fri Aug 07, 2020 7:46 am

Keeping a journal.

Ground hunting more.

Get in front of sign based on annual patterns and in-season scouting.
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby mbone1327 » Fri Aug 07, 2020 9:20 am

Beast tactics!! Got me pumped up for the season. Gonna become a swamp monster.
Scouted a ton this off season and have a lot of spots I'm going to learn.
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby HuntingParadise » Fri Aug 07, 2020 10:19 am

I feel like Ive learned so much this next year. Ive made changes to the land as well as what I plan to do hunting.

Those include.:

-Diversifying food
-creating better bedding
-making potential trails to direct deer
-moving stands to areas that are closer to buck/deer bedding rather than food
-creating mock scrapes/licks

-go in earlier for mornings
-play the wind more
-trust the sign
-focus on stand choice based on season and time rather than past history and comfort
-be willing to be mobile if I know thats where I have to be
-sitting longer even on the slow days
-moving cameras to where I think bucks are rather than most deer
-just overall paying more attention to details

Overall, Im young enough where I feel like I can try things even if I dont agree with them. I think its best to test it out and see if it does work or what works for me as a hunter.
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby live2hunt » Fri Aug 07, 2020 11:21 am

I was just thinking about this while driving to work the other day. I also killed but believe I could have done better and killed sooner.

Scout even more In season than I normally do. I was just a little behind last year.

Focus more on the overlooked areas once the pressure is on.

Bump more deer. Not on purpose of course but I need to push the envelope more. When I have the right intel I need to move in and stop second guessing and staying on the fringes.
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby Dewey » Fri Aug 07, 2020 11:42 am

I’m going on the road to greener pastures. Everything looks more fertile when I cross the Mississippi. :lol:
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby Burningbootleather » Fri Aug 07, 2020 11:47 am

Hunt more
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby cspot » Fri Aug 07, 2020 12:21 pm

Last year I hunted too deep too early. My scouting from winter was correct but that was more rut and after the hunting pressure hit sign. I realize that now. I plan on hitting the more obvious close to the road pieces early this year.

My other change was to get in better shape and loose weight. I am making progress there as I have dropped about 15 pounds, but would like to be down a little more. Right now I am in far better shape than I have been for a few years. Hasn't stopped me from getting after it, but it sure has whipped my but on some of the mountains I hunt.
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby Andyschulte » Fri Aug 07, 2020 1:13 pm

I spent a lot of time farting around hunting does last year. This year I’m wanting to focus all of my setups based on wind and bedding.

I also sold my climber and bought a hang on tree stand. There were places that I didn’t really venture into last year because I knew I couldn’t get up a tree. I should be able to get up anywhere now.

I’m practicing shooting my bow down steps, being sure to bend at the waist. I shot and missed a couple deer last year, including an awesome buck. Fingers crossed the practice pays off.
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Re: 2020 changes you plan to make.

Unread postby A5BLASTER » Fri Aug 07, 2020 1:51 pm

Biggest things I'm going to change are in the process of changing is this.

Upping my foc. Almost finished dialing in my DNA now, went from 450 grain with like 24% foc to 550 grains and 30ish foc. Need to set down and run the numbers.

Sold all my hanging stands, sticks and ladder sticks and now going full summit climber. Where I hunt a hang on is of no advantage over a climber.

Going to start hunting the exit trails more then entrance trails.

Going to cut my selection from many bucks I will shoot too only 2 bucks I'm willing to shoot. I get six tags, and there is some doe groups that need thinning and I want too focus more on 2 main bucks instead of having 10 bucks I would shoot.

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