Disagreement on Ranch Fairy method

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Re: Disagreement on Ranch Fairy method

Unread postby Trout » Fri Jul 03, 2020 4:53 am

I think one of the biggest misunderstandings out there from people is that a heavy arrow and high foc are the most important parts of a good hunting arrow. I dont think you will ever see him say that, but almost every ashby or ranch fairy forum thread is a debate about arrow weight and/or FOC. It all starts with structural integrity, a good strong arrow and components that dont fall apart when they hit bone are the most important thing if penetration is your goal. There are 11 other factors, in order of importance at this link.


The whole point of ashby concepts about arrow building and tuning- which ranch fairy is a follower of- is to get the most penetration possible because in their school of thought, penetration kills. When you have two holes, your odds of recovering what you shot increase dramatically, and they arent the only ones who preach that, listen to any of the dog tracking guys. If getting the most penetration possible isnt what you're after then ashby or ranch fairy concepts about archery arent for you.

Do you have to shoot a 1,000 grain arrow with a 500 grain cut on contact head to get passthru's on whitetails? No, but finding an arrow and broadhead combination that is strong, flies true and has a razor sharp edge on the front and takes advantage of some basic physics concepts isnt going to hurt your arrow penetration, and that might just make the difference in whether or not you recover that deer or not, and I dont think there is a single hunter out there who would argue that is a bad thing to try for.

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