Thermals and melting snow on certain slopes

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Thermals and melting snow on certain slopes

Unread postby Motivated » Wed Jun 17, 2020 10:13 pm

I've been using the advanced search feature I'm studying about thermal hubs, crow's feet, and thermals in general. I have a remote public land crows foot that I'm going to be exploring this season, so I'm planning ahead the rest of my scouting and thinking about how to hunt the thermal hub. Any advice would be appreciated on this.

One thing I'm thinking specifically about this morning is planning for snow melt. Often the north-facing slopes will still have snow on them but the southern slopes will be free of snow. When the sunlight hits these it might make for some very interesting thermal currents. We get on and off snow flurries which usually melt during the season, it would be interesting to see if this makes hunting the crows foot easier or harder.

My idea would be that north-facing slopes still holding snow would have harder downdraft thermal currents even during sunny days with temps above freezing. Those warm days in the forties and fifties in November and December, after a storm when only the north-facing slopes still have snow.

I've not really tested this though and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas.

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