Magnus Stinger 4 blade

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Re: Magnus Stinger 4 blade

Unread postby Ack » Fri Jun 12, 2020 4:53 pm

There are so many variables to a blood trail, and no two will be the same no matter what head you use. Bigger the cut, generally better the trail, but exit height, plugged exit hole and deer running speed will have more of an effect on how much blood hits the ground than an extra 1/8 -1/4” cut from the head. That said, I’ve had no complaints of the blood trails from my Ser-razors. Short and sweet as long as I do my part.

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Re: Magnus Stinger 4 blade

Unread postby ThePreBanMan » Sat Jun 13, 2020 4:13 am

Good heads, come sharp. But they're one-and-done. At the price point, I didn't mind considering them disposable head. On the 4 blades in particular the ferrule is a weak design. I've had several fail/break. Also, the tops on the blades can be prone to tip curl when hitting something hard like a shoulder. They'll warranty the head, which is fine. But I'm not sure that helps at the moment of truth.

I don't shoot them anymore. I've kind of gotten away from assembled broadheads and moved to solid machined 1 piece of steel heads. There are affordable ones like the Montec/Montec CS, or the VPA. I'm all set with Bishop. I'm not mortgaging my house for a set of 3 broadheads. I'm sure they're a fine head, but at their price point, a crack habit would be cheaper. I've got both the Montec and the VPA and both needed to be touched up new out of the package. Tough heads though. Just have to work that edge a bit.
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Re: Magnus Stinger 4 blade

Unread postby stewarttr » Mon Jun 15, 2020 2:27 am

I found that I can get them super sharp using the stay sharp system from innovative outdoorsmaan. Great product for not a lot of cost (both the broadhead and sharping system). I shoot the 4 blade stinger and like them with my 26.5 draw length.

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