Packing sticks w/ Saddle

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Re: Packing sticks w/ Saddle

Unread postby Brad » Fri Mar 03, 2023 9:25 am

I use a Kifaru Guide lid as a very lightweight minimalist pack. My predator platform goes in the pack, with water bottle, & not much else. I use 3 hawk mini sticks, and I DIY'd a shoulder strap with a slider buckle attacked to one of my sticks for carrying them. One of my ropemods stays on the 3 sticks to hold the together better. This method works amazingly for me because of the way I pack everything and the way I climb. I've never seen anyone else do it exactly like I do. One of these days I'll put toghether a video showing how I pack, climb, and set up. I'm sure some people would find it interesting.

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