Got a reminder yesterday afternoon.

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Got a reminder yesterday afternoon.

Unread postby alleyyooper » Thu May 21, 2020 1:00 am

I started hunting coyotes every chance I got back in the 1990's. I had never seen a coyote her in SE Michigan where i live till 1992. I had seen them in the UPPER when I was hunting, fishing and snowmobileing but the lower never.
then about July 1992 I saw a coyote while driving down the road feeding on a road kill. then soon after heard them back in my woods and across the road in the woods there.
A neighbour reported them coming in the day lite and killing free rangeing chickens in his yard.

At that time Michigan for some reason had a Season on coyotes and you couldn't legaly hunt them from end of March till in September.
So I shot my first one while deer hunting muzzle loader season 1992 and seen several more.

Made a home made e caller early 1993 useing a MP3 player to hold sounds from Varmint al's web site

Friend from work, and a friend I met when we took my daughter to college and discovered we only live about 8 miles from each other became my coyote hunting partners.
From there the group grew to 12 then death started taking from the group till today we are down to 8.

So yesterday after noon walking my dogs down the same path I had walked them down in the Morning about 10:00 after the rain stopped I found a fresh lrft front shoulder from a fawn laying beside the path.
It appered Mom and baby were on the path the coyote came out of the brush and mom told baby to hide in the grass and she would try to draw the coyote off. that is how I read the deer tracks.
but the coyote didn't get drawn off and the poor fawn couldn't hide in the grass only about 5 inches tall.
Only thing left was that shoulder down to the hoof.

To late to get my gear back together last night but this afternoon I will be out calling the SOBin coyotes. I don't give. rip the hides look like gawd awful.

Haven't hered them singing in the evening or mornings as they most often do when in the area. Maybe they are learning their singing causes me to break out the call and shoot them?


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