No Sheds, No hunt?

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Re: No Sheds, No hunt?

Unread postby hcooper84 » Tue Apr 21, 2020 3:25 pm

I agree with everyone else. I think sheds are just a positive reinforcement, but the lack of them is definitely not a deterrent.

I saw 4+ 120 inch bucks on a property I hunted this fall, didnt find any of their sheds. We got 2 more on camera and then 3+ 130" on camera as well. Never found their sheds.

On this same property though I found my target bucks sheds last year, this year, and from two years ago (found this year) roughly 50-100 yards apart. Now this definitely tells me something about where this buck liked to be at the end of the year. Unfortunately I also found him dead this year after he shed. I've always heard about bucks going back to their summer feed patterns after the rut so this area that I hadnt given any attention will now be a place of focus during early and late season. I also found a shed of a different mature buck that will be a target this coming year in this spot. So it gives evidence that this was a preferred late season area for sure.

So I don't believe sheds are essential but when they are found, they can give a lot of great information.

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