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Unread postby Moose » Fri Apr 17, 2020 11:21 am

I have multiple questions especially for all the new turkey hunters out there.
1. How late can you roost birds? Lets say you have a few places to check out 20-30mins apart or more. Can you roost them all night or only a little after sunset?
2. Whats everyones recommendations after toms stop gobbling off the roost in the morning? Run and gun or stay put?
3. How long after calling do you move if you dont hear anything?
4. When do you decide to move to diffrent properties or how long do ypu stay and hunt if you dont hear any gobbling for hours?
5. What types of locations should you scout for turkeys
6. How often should you call if you hear a gooble vs if you dont hear anything?
I hope this helps all the new turkey hunters out there including me!

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Re: Questions?

Unread postby Jdw » Sat Apr 18, 2020 8:55 am

Like deer hunting there are very few absolutes in chasing turkeys.
Here is what I have observed.

1. I have had the best results roosting one in the evening the last 30 minutes before pitch black dark.

2. For me that depends on several things. But to simplify things if I am confident I am in a location the turkeys want to be I will wait them out if not I am looking for hot sign.

3. I have messed up way more times by moving to soon than not moving soon enough. PATIENCE kills lots of turkeys.

4. That depends on what I have been seeing in that area and the weather conditions that day.

5. Areas with lots of habitat diversity.

6. For me it is different for each bird. I try to think of calling like having a conversation. How I call depends on how the bird is responding.

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