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Hunting & fishing websites network for sale

Unread postby badboy2007 » Tue Apr 07, 2020 11:48 pm

Hello dear colleagues.

I decided to sell my well-established network of hunting & fishing related websites that includes 21 websites. The first websites inside the network were established in 2006 (so 14 years old). It's one of the first babies I created in my youth, but at the moment it's practically rotting in my basement if you know what I mean (I didn't touch them for years).

I've spoken with Dan and he said that I can post this in here, but in case you consider that this isn’t the right place for this post, please moderate and move it in the correct category. Thank you.

It surely isn’t the regular “buy a domain that is loosely related to the latest celebrity death, put up a generic two-page WordPress site, and think it could be the next big thing” type. It’s a great opportunity for the right buyer who wants to look at this as a medium investment, and is prepared to put some love and efforts into getting this to the next level! - basecamp website interconnecting the hunting sites





All websites are up and running at the moment, generating some income and traffic - they can be put to use right away!

Primary domains
All domains have been bought following top SEO and marketing recommendations. They are all easy to remember (common words, maximum 3 words per domain, no special characters like “-” have been used) and easily transmitted throughout the audio channel.

Pretty much all domains match the most searched keywords in their niche. For example contains the top primary keyword “coyote hunting”; contains the top primary keywords “hunting rifles”, “rifle reviews” and “hunting rifles reviews”.

Proven age & history
All websites have a history, most of them having 10+ years of age. I am the first and only owner of the websites, so I know all their history, without any hidden surprises. Each website has gone through one or two remakes/overall updates during this period. Each time I strived to bring improvements to the table.

Top notch SEO
Back in the good days, the websites had top notch SEO rankings. For example, for a couple of months (almost one year), was outclassing in rankings authority websites like or, while the game related websites (like for example) were appearing on the 1st page (top 1-3 spots) for a couple of associated expressions/keywords, in front of other authority websites.

Nowadays the websites aren’t ranking as they used to, that’s because the SEO optimisation is no longer up to date. So I highly recommend that the new owner invests some time and efforts into this marketing strategy, since it will bring a LOT of benefits in the medium run.

I will try to upload a file containing more details about these.

How does the network generate income at the moment?
At the moment income is being generated via 3 sources:
- affiliate marketing (Amazon Affiliate Program)
- selling 2 ebooks
- PPC (Google Adsense)

Why am I selling the network?
I currently own multiple businesses and I am not able to effectively manage all of them. I always wanted to revamp the network and get it to the next level, but it’s been quite some time now and I simply don’t have time to invest in it. The network has huge potential if the proper love and efforts are put into it, since it’s a good niche related business which proved its success in the past.

Opportunities for the new owner
The network can be used for multiple purposes:
- generate income by selling the 2 ebooks “Cooking Za Squirrel” and “The Yummy Turkey”. Additional ebooks can be added, including a general game recipes ebook (it was planned, but never finished).
- sell your services or products related to the hunting/fishing/outdoor industry
- getting passive income via PPC campaigns (like Google Adsense)
- earning money via affiliate programmes (like Cabela’s Affiliate Program, Amazon, etc)
- generating traffic to other main businesses that you own
- sell ad space: being paid to advertise other businesses inside the network
- get donations from visitors
- generate leads (for example for your email marketing list)

What can be done to scale this business?
Allocate more time to content writing and link building (SEO) to outperform the competition
Explore opportunities in additional content categories that yield higher commission products and/or are less competitive
Create an email marketing list of recurring buyers
Advertise on Facebook or Google to drive more traffic & revenue
Advertise the network in other networks
and so on.

Brand assets (included in the sale)
The new owner will get everything I have related to the network:
Hosting accounts
Relevant email accounts
All logos & branding materials
Marketing materials and collateral
Website files, source code and content
Customer databases
Social media accounts
Two ebooks with sources, content and graphics
Post sale support

Post sale support
Included 2 months of post-sale support & training, in order to ensure that the buyer is able to fully take over the network and understand how everything is interconnected.

This being said, the ones that are interested please send me a private message and we can continue the conversation.

Thank you and good luck with your hunting & fishing activities!

PS: if you think there’s a better place for me to sell my network kindly let me know in a private message, I’ll make sure to compensate your efforts once I sell it!

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Re: Hunting & fishing websites network for sale

Unread postby sureshotscott » Wed Apr 08, 2020 1:07 am


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