River Bottom vs Hill Country Bedding

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Re: River Bottom vs Hill Country Bedding

Unread postby <DK> » Tue May 10, 2022 3:27 am

Trout wrote:
<DK> wrote:Do you guys have elk up there? Just curious bc that looks very tall, except it also goes low.

Yes, we do, that particular spot is on the fringe of the elk range. I didn't think that was an elk rub, but low elk rubs can be really tricky to tell apart from tall whitetail rubs. One of the things I look for to tell the two apart is broken branches above the rub, and how high up those broken branches go. When they are way up, say over 5 or 6', I typically figure they're from elk and ignore them. The rub in that pic had broken branches above it, bit they were only like 3 or 4' up if I remember right. Any elk would have busted those up rubbing the tree.

Ah sorry, I couldnt tell what the scaling was on my phone. Thats a nice rub

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