I had the privledge to hunt behind a great dog.

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I had the privledge to hunt behind a great dog.

Unread postby alleyyooper » Thu Feb 27, 2020 11:13 am

I believe it was 1973 my brother wanted a dog that he could hunt with. He started looking at the Wexford animal control (Cadillac MI) where he lived.
they told him they didn't have a dog that fit what he was wanting but took him name and phone number.

He had no sooner returned home when the phone rang, it was Animal controll and told him they did have a dog that might fit what he wanted. It was in a foster home and had been over looked and if he was intrested they would give him the Preachers number. He was intrested and phoned the preacher and asked when he could see the dog.
Was told this afternoon as soon as you can get here.

My brother drove up there and went to the preachers house and met this Springer Spaniel, wide black strip down the middle of her back mostly white sides with some black liver spots.
told the preacher he wantewd her so what did he need to do. Preacher said to load her in his Bronco (1972 samll one) and take her to town and pay what ever the fee was.

Two things from those days, In that area it was farm and hunting area no tree huggers to speck out fso a hunting dog was fine to be adopted by a hunter.

Second thing they were not like today and the fees were really reasonable so most could afford to adopt a dog unlike today when they can cost half as much as a dog with papers stateing the petagree.

Brother brings her home and while getting to know each other brother says ypu look like a backwards skunk.
Skunk became her name and she was a holy terrior in the patridge woods, worked close about 25 feet out and then would retrive them if you got them.

I was doing college then so not much time to go bird hinting with them but when Christmas time came I had some time.
Brother had been hunting some state land west of our home about 3 miles after deer season ended,
they had been doing really well on snow shoe hares.

One thIng I had seen was how that dog would just go spastic when Rob would put his hunting coat on or get his shot gun. She was readdy and excited to go hunt

We got out to the Bronco I open the door and Skunk jumps in the passanger seat where she alwanys rode. When I went to push her to the back she growled at me, MY SEAT. Rob told her to get in the back and she did and was fine with it.

We arrive down where they had been hunting snow is about half way to our knees but Skunk went to hunting as soon as she was out of the Bronco.
She was a sight runner on the rabbits and snow shoes. so would loose it but would come back searching for the scent and off to the races she would go.

Shoot a snow shoe and she would retrive it for you. Now some pepole I guess are Purest and want a bird dog or a rabbit dog or a duck dog.
No me I wasnt a hunting dog that is just what Skunk was.

She would have huge balls of snow build up on her leg feathers and belly. Call her back she would lay down so you could work them off and she was back at it again.

We would jump shoot ducks on beaver ponds and that dog woud swim out and retreive them for you.

I had her brought back to my mind when a friend mentoined his lab was retreiveing crows he and his friend had shot.

We were installing new shingles on my new garage in the spring of 1974 and starlings were raiding the fresh planted corn field behind the gararge. Went and got out 22lr and started shooting them. Skunk discovered we were killing the things and started retreiveing them to the garage for us.

I have hunted behiund some really good dogs, My visula was a good one but didn't hold a candle to skunk.
If I am ever lucky enough I may get to hunt behind another like her some day.

:D Al

Your not fully dressed with out a smile.

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