Rub lines and spring scouting

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Re: Rub lines and spring scouting

Unread postby Tennhunter3 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 1:59 am

Pudster wrote:
Tennhunter3 wrote:If the rubs not within 150 yards of buck bedding it doesn't mean much. If your not close your not in the game.

Signpost are very exciting to find but everytime I have ever sat one I've never seen a shooter buck near one in daylight.

My last 2 bucks had almost no sign at all nearby.

Did you hunt where you killed them based on where their beds were in relation to food? Just curious as to why you knew to hunt where you did, as I have had some properties that should have looked awesome(based off of aerials) when scouted and they had zero big buck sign so I never hunted them.

It was big woods and browse was everywhere. I just got in tight to bedding and hoped they exited in my direction. Made sure my wind was not blowing into the bedding.

One I had no idea for sure was buck bedding but I had guessed from looking at aerials topography and transition. I went in blind first sit.

The other I had found the bedding in spring but was my first time ever hunting it.

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