Access point suggestions and scouting tips

Post topo’s and Aerial photos for free advice. Food plotting, land manipulation, water holes, ect.
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Access point suggestions and scouting tips

Unread postby martyMSU » Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:44 pm

Here's a public land spot that I'd like to hunt but have yet to set foot on it. It's bordered by a river on the W, N, & E, and private land with no access permission (yet) from the south. There is public land I could access from the southwest and walk the riverbank (by midsummer its fairly shallow through most of the river, but has some occasional deep cuts in the outside bends. It's about 80 acres. There is a boat landing across the river to the northwest, but all I have for a boat is a very heavy aluminum canoe.
There is some topography, south of the oxbow it elevates up to the residential area.
Wind is typically from the south or southwest with occasional west winds. If it's an east or north wind the weather is about to get super nasty and I don't want to be outside. I believe it's going to be fairly swampy down there with some oak trees where the ground is dry enough.
My plan is to scout this as soon as the snow starts to melt. Any tips on what the folks on here would prefer for access? Any spots you'd pay more attention to than others right off the bat?
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Re: Access point suggestions and scouting tips

Unread postby Spauldo42 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:56 am

MartyMSU. I am dealing with a similar situation in that I pretty much only have canoe access to long extended lake fingers with public land on each side to hunt. Really concerned about deer bedding next to the water watching me paddle in or the ‘wind tunnel’ that can happen on water inlets like that busting stuff on the banks out of there. Would much prefer to t-bone hunting spots from the land side, but don’t have that kind of access. That isle as situation looks challenging and fun. Interested to see what some of the guys say on this situation and what We can learn about water access. Most of my previous experiences have been royal pain in the but type situations with way too much noise and slipping into water that I didn’t want to. That aluminum canoe will be a real challenge from a noise standpoint. There are foam liners specifically for noise reduction that may be a good option there. Anyway, looking forward to this thread, if we can get it going.

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