Tips and tricks.

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Tips and tricks.

Unread postby alleyyooper » Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:23 am

Make no mistake about it hunting coyotes East of thre Mississippi river and north of the Ohio is a far different animal than hunting out west of the Mississippi.

Out west they can see the coyotes long before they are in rifle range even for the 220 Swift, the 22-250 and several wild cats.

Here in Michigan a long shot can and will be 300 yards and less more times than not.even sighting a coyote is measured in short ranges.
Here in the east wood lots are small and only hold a small pack usually less than 6 per wood lot.

We also hve rain storms, coyotes and other critters do not care for the rain any more than we do. For the most part they lay up on days of rain and wet sticky snows we get.
Yes deer are different their hair/fur is a lot different than most critters.

After a storm is the time to grab your gear and a buddy and hit the woodlots scattered around the county. Coyotes will be hungry and be out and about after the storm. They will be traveling hunting many times all day.

If you have a E caller get the air raid srien sound or tornado warning. Use it to see if there are coyotes in the area. You just have to be aware of where homes are that have dogs that will answer with howling.

If you are reading this you have a computer. Use google earth of scout wood lots, marshs and sloths for likely coyote homes
No don't look for beds and such look for high ground in a march where dogs can lay high and dry and there is a high and dry path from higher ground into the marsh.

Stop and knock on doors ask for permission to just hunt coyotes on the property. a bad time to do this is during planting time and harvesting time.
Now in January and febuary is the times the farmers are working on equipment and haveing some what normal days if farmers have such days.

If permission ask the farmer when or if he can show you the property lines, where you should park when yoiu come to be out of the way always.
treat the farmer with respect, I am 73 years old but I always call a farmer even the younger than my self mister till they say to call them soime thing else.
Shut all gates foiund shut, do not climb over fences even at post, use the field gate. do not leave any trash that includes spent brass and shot gun hulls.
Last thing you do be fore leaveing a farm you hunted is do a walk around where you parked and pick up any trash. Yes even if it clearly is not your trash.

Just shut up, Ya may have been a while since you saw your bud but once you leave the truck no talkling wispering. Use signs signals you work out instead of talking.
Shake your gear, back pack and rifle to make sure they do not rattle or jingle. we do not carry change in our pocket of packs. That stays in our gear bag if we even carry any.

Do not be afraid to use two callers with different sounds, the piglet in distress goes over real well with a pack of coyotes having a party sound.
A tiny yappy dog along with a distressed chicken works well also.

Use a decoy to get the coyotes attention and draw it from you. Can be a simple chicken or other feather fastened to some thread hooked to a roach clip and hooked to a branch or bush. We all have a simple $8.00 cat toy modified and on a rod. there are internet You tubs on how to do that.

We use a wind sock LOL on our rifles, nothing more than masonary string frad on the ends and hooked to sling swivels.

Sin ce we get snow here and mud we do not carry any weight that is not needed to draw a coyote out where we can shoot it.
No cameras no cell phones. If people want to see your bloody coyotes direct them to google with the key words dead coyote. Lots of pictures posted by people whlo just have to do that.

I do write ups of my coyote hunts for the memories as most of my buddies do.

E caller hardly ever to never do we run a high volume, remember coyotes hear far better than people. Usually start off at low volume as we are trying to only pull a coyote from maybe 500 yards away. Do the slince treatment pauses normally 2 minutes. Possiably raise rhe volume about 15 minute mark to medium. at 20 minutes just stop. sit and scan the area real well for at least 10 minutes before gathering your gear and moving on.

Matreing season is coming uo soon pick those sounds a female calling a mate a male calling a horny female.
We are going to start useing the mateing sound next time we are out it has been so warm this year my wifes wild tom cats are fighting each other for dominance.

:D Al

Any way those are some tips.

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Re: Tips and tricks.

Unread postby alleyyooper » Fri Jan 24, 2020 12:41 am

Rifle tip, I hate having a bi pod hooked to my rifle, yup I bought one took it out one time. It restricted my movement of the rifle. Got home removed it and sold it to a fellow taking some rifles to a gun show.
Made my own shooting sticks from 1/4x1/4 x 39" from pine added a 1/4 inch nylon across the bottom of the legs so they will only open so far, alsoworks as a carry sling. Drilled holes in the bottom mixed some epoxy and put spikes in the epoxie filled holes so the sticks do not slip once set in place yet easy to move if you have to change angle of fire.

I like beautiful wood stocks and blued barrels. I am not going to camo paint my rifle.
Got to a fabric store or department in like walmart. You can buy veil material in a couple colors. Add a couple squezze tupe fishing sinkers to the edge so it will drap over the rifle and stay in place. Cut out slots to slip the scope/sun shade thru.

Find a place not a range where you can set out targets at different ranges and shoot the targets at different angles. twist you body just like you might have to if you want a shot.
Know your ammo, if you buy a new batch of different lots, take stuff some place and make sure it shoots the same as the last batch did.
I hate wounded animals, coyotes with a couple holes I have to sew up because I made a crappy shot and had to shoot the thing twice.

I have a lamanated sheet rubber banded to my rifles stock so I do not have to try to remember the drops for my hand loads.
dead center at 200yds. 2 inches high at 100yds a 1inch low at 300yds for example.
I shoot to make sure that information is in deed a fact for my rifle and ammo.

Clothing tip,
Check the weather before you even start out to go hunt. I have my own weather station on my desk with the wind gauge up on the roof of the house.
I also have access on the lap top to the local air port. this one will give me an idea of th ehigh of the day temps.
For example todays high expeted to be mid 30's SE winds to 10 MPH.
Today I would wear my mid weight long johns, Jeans and a flannal shirt, ear band and wide brim boonie hat with black veil to hide my face and my snow camo bibs and coat black winter weight gloves. I would carry a lighter coat and pants in my gear bag.

I wear my LL Bean pack boots and carry extra liners in my gear bag with extra socks in case i step in a hole over my boot tops.
In case it is icy I carry a set of strap on cleats in my gear bag.

Above all make sure you have freedom of movement. sure is crappy to be on a stand see a coyote off to your right (right handed guys night mare) try to move the shooting sticks around and rifle only to have a to tight coat or bibs so your body doesn't want to move.
Is also another good reason to sit on a little bit of plastic sheeting.

:D Al

:D Al
Your not fully dressed with out a smile.

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