Wisconsin snow storm

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Re: Wisconsin snow storm

Unread postby 1STRANGEWILDERNESS » Sat Jan 11, 2020 1:22 am

RookieBeast2019 wrote:
1STRANGEWILDERNESS wrote:You guys got many racked bucks left? Here in the yoop I’ve got a cam on a hay bale and a lot of skin and bone bucks hitting it. No antlers. I know lots of bucks hold em way late elsewhere.. but around here I’m afraid to shoot a doe after dec cus a lot already drop in the first few weeks. I’m wondering if my target buck even had a rack anymore those last few times I froze trying to get him :lol:

Last week Tuesday. I had a group of deer come through my back yard. 2 big bucks with antlers still. This is SE Wisconsin.

I also hunt the UP and we run cams. Had 2 nice 8 pointers on cam 2 weeks ago. Wonder where they were all year but happy they made it.

Always a good feeling when you see something lived! I get a lot of randoms that show up On cam after migrating. One guy not too far away shot the biggest buck I’ve seen taken around here in 5 yrs. probably a upper 140’s. Apparently it showed up between dec 10-12 the last 3 seasons. The other rumor is that some guys about 15 mi north had a ton of pics of it but it would disappear beginning of dec each yr. just rumors but it sure plays along with the deer doing the same thing , same relative time frame every year. Maybe you aught to late bow hunt for those 8 pointers same time frame next year.

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Re: Wisconsin snow storm

Unread postby RookieBeast2019 » Sun Jan 12, 2020 2:52 am

Decided to stay in.

I can handle snow but not a fan of ice.

4x4 doesn’t work too well with ice.
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Re: Wisconsin snow storm

Unread postby walleyeralph » Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:30 am

Just had 3 different groups of does come thru my yard in the last 5 min.8, 2, then 5.Stone bank area, wi.

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