satellite 8 and a big ole 10 bedded with Doe just after season closed.

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satellite 8 and a big ole 10 bedded with Doe just after season closed.

Unread postby Ryan83 » Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:15 am

So I do not know if this is typical or not, but I was out doing a little tracking/ walking the dog when I kicked up a big ole 8 outta his bed. He was bedded out in a frozen cattail marsh off a very large island where there was a ton of fresh deer sign (lots of turned up snow digging for acorns). I was pleasantly surprised to see a buck that big in this area. I didn't want to push him so I turned around and headed back to the island. Before I got back to the land I cut another large track with some doe that headed off toward a little satellite island between the large island and another cigar-shaped island. It wasn't long before I kicked up a 4 deer. 2 doe and 2 bucks. One of those bucks was a freaking pig. 10 pt mid 140's prolly. I was surprised because he was bedded in a group with some doe. Is that typical? This was just a couple of days ago, so January conditions. The 8 was bedded by himself. All of these deer were not bedded with the wind in their favor and I walked to within bow range of them all. I was very surprised by that. This was right after the season closed (the day after) so I feel like this area obviously did not get hunted as these deer were very relaxed here.

Two questions:
1) is unusual for big bucks to be bedded with doe-like that? It also appeared from the sign that this group had been feeding together.
2) what can I gather from this - aka, was it possible that one of these does was in a late estrus and that is why he was hanging so close to them? Or maybe despite being large well-strcutured deer, they were not as mature as I thought? Their bodies were pretty covered by the cattails.

Regardless I know where I'll be hunting late season next year.

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