Antler restriction

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Re: Antler restriction

Unread postby tim » Fri Dec 20, 2019 10:28 am

DaveT1963 wrote:
tim wrote:
DaveT1963 wrote:The only real value antlers have is to man's ego, for a deer defense, and as a calcium source for rodents.

I could agree with the ego statement if a guy is boasting and showing off those antlers every chance he gets other than that I consider it more of a challenge than an ego boost

I can see that - with all the sales of crossbows, cellular cameras, and other high tech gear I would tend to question how may are in it for the challenge. Like i said i am not opposed to it.... just human nature to quantify a task - antlers gives us a way to do that.

I would agree any equipment makes it easier to take a deer, BUT I don’t care what a person uses for equipment if you can shoot a mature buck consistently there is plenty of skill involved and challenge has been accomplished. Most people will find fault in others tactics or equipment if it doesn’t match their idea of challenge or goals. So In a sense that’s where the ego is if you ask me

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