Slough/Marsh - public - arial scout

Post topo’s and Aerial photos for free advice. Food plotting, land manipulation, water holes, ect.
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Slough/Marsh - public - arial scout

Unread postby TravisAppel » Thu Dec 12, 2019 2:03 pm

Hey everyone!

There is a public spot that I have hunted ducks and pheasant at. Never considered hunting deer. Lately, after reading a bit and listening to a couple podcasts, I am interested in seeing if anyone can help with suggestions on potential for this place. It's a Slough (by name). I am a little confused about difference between it andarsh/swamp. It's surrounded by agriculture. Every time I am there, I bump deer, usually. I haven't scouted for deer, really. I am new to this type of property. Any comments or help would be appreciated!

Note: there is a refuge on the north east side of the Slough.

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