Hill country cruisers

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Hill country cruisers

Unread postby mauser06 » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:25 am

I missed a great public buck last week cruising the thermal tunnel.

I have the thermal tunnel elevation pretty well figured out there. I don't know that I wanna setup In that same area if I want another shot at him.

Problem is, the 2 or so mile long ridge doesn't have a lot of features. Most of it is mature hardwoods or hemlocks.

There are a few points formed by ditches in the hill. One I missed him from...another I hunted the following evening. I really like the other one...it has an old logging road right below it is envision lazier deer taking...it curves up the "point" and there's a good trail crossing it despite the easier walking logging road 10yds below...I'm betting that's the thermal tunnel.

No hard edge transitions or anything..hemlocks and hardwoods fade in and out. No timber cuts that I can think of...no saddles or anything else...the ridge is fairly boring.

Any ideas????

Will cruisers follow that thermal tunnel elevation? Or cut across those few "points"? That one last week followed it....but not sure if that's the norm or if crossing straight across is?

That other point is also appealing because for 450yds there's a very wide-open right of way so aside from the point/bench/thermal tunnel/old logging road, you have a pinch point.

I can also hunt a mile or 2 away across the road where there are much more terrain features and cut areas and laurel thickets..

Throwing a sit there somewhere tomorrow. Just not sure where. Wind is exactly the same as the night i whiffed which sets up the thermal tunnel perfectly.

Any thoughts or things to look for?

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Re: Hill country cruisers

Unread postby TomMurphyNY » Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:04 am

I hunt very similar ridges here in Central New York and I have been wondering the same thing. Most of my hunts have came before my knowledge of the thermal hub/tunnel. I’ve had success in the past at the top third of the ridge though prior to the knowledge just by happenstance.
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Re: Hill country cruisers

Unread postby swwave24 » Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:59 am

When the wind tunnel effect stops in the evening or stats in the morning, thinking I should drop down in valley funnels & pinch points, along with thermal hubs? Not seeing much for evening activity. Thoughts? :think:
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Re: Hill country cruisers

Unread postby sureshotscott » Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:23 pm

Hunted this same kind of terrain last week. When I hunted just south of the east-west running ridge, had a buck come up from below me and bust me (wind from north). Next day, wind again from north, shooter buck comes in at last light running the ridge top. I of course was not expecting this and was set up 25 yards south of the ridge top. :lol: He busted me going for my xbow. LOL what fun.

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