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Discuss the science of figuring out our prey through good detective work.
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The Power Scout

Unread postby DropTyne » Sat Feb 12, 2011 6:22 am

You've got 3 days to scout a chunk of property that is out of state for a hunt your planning later in the fall. When do you go look at it? What type of prep work or research do you do before you go there? What steps do you take to make it happen? Any experiences with this? Let's break it down.......


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Re: The Power Scout

Unread postby Indianahunter » Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:02 am

Well, I haven't hunted out of state, but I can say how I do it for new properties in new counties.

Obviously hours of scouring Topo and Aerial photos for transition lines and funnels as well possible bedding. One thing I have started to do is really study the bordering properties maps also. If I find good funnels coming from that property towards the one I am hunting or CRP bordering that could be potential bedding, I will focus on that area of the property that I can hunt as a starting point for my scouting.

I usually call local taxidermists for that county and ask about the quality of bucks he is getting from the area and any other info like usually you can get them to tell you about their biggest bucks brought in so far and they will tell you the story if they know it which can reveal a lot of information.

For me scouting is between late February (like this weekend) through Turkey season...The longer before deer season the better when going out on foot.

Once I am in there. I use my GPS to mark potential set up trees and I set GPS to map my walk out of the woods so I can reverse it walking in later for better exit/entry.

I also like to find out about the crops if possible as far as bean and corn rotation for the upcoming season. First time which is well before planting, I make notes of bean or corn stubble or of the field is in winter wheat. Around here if there is winter wheat in the field it is a safe bet that that field will become second crop beans which are usually still pretty green or starting to transition the first week or so of season which makes a great food source.

I am sure there are others with more and or better suggestions, but hopefully this was somewhat helpful. :D
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