Difference of behevior between withe tail-Red Deer & Roe D.

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Difference of behevior between withe tail-Red Deer & Roe D.

Unread postby Liberty-Hunt » Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:41 am

As I read some post it's amazing how different can be the behaviors between all the deer species (And I don't know about Elk).

In fact the whitetail are closer to the Roe Deer (more then Red one), with a bigger territory and look "more careful" (I'll see that in reality and I'll be able to compare it more truly).

In fact, for approach I do prefer the morning, for me it's more efficient here and blind for the evening, on them feeding way...
And about whitetail what your felling on this question?

Can anyone explain me more about Elk to complete those information? :?:


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Re: Difference of behevior between withe tail-Red Deer & Roe D.

Unread postby magicman54494 » Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:33 am

The whitetail is an amazing animal. They adapt to almost any environment from the hot south to the bitter cold north. From remote deep woods/ swamps to actually living in cities side by side with humans. It's hard to say that there is one good way to hunt them. The best hunters learn what works the best in the area that they live. Also our seasons are quite long so hunting tactics change throughout the season. I have only hunted elk one time so I'm probably not the right guy to answer about elk. I'm sure they are similar to your red stags.

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