Most challenging public land DIY hunts

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Re: Most challenging public land DIY hunts

Unread postby Tadmdad » Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:58 pm

DEERSLAYER wrote:Accommodations! Make sure you have everything you need and your as comfortable as possible. This may sound obvious, but the more comfortable and rested you are the better job you do while hunting and the less likely you are to miss a hunt. Plus it's just plain more enjoyable. In the last two years I have had what I believe would have been my best hunts ever ruined because I could not stay warm, dry and therefore well rested. Maybe it's just because I'm becoming an old fart, but I just can't seem to take much abuse as I used to.

Amen to that brother....if you aren't comfortable you don't hunt very well. Did one of those hunts many years ago, was just miserable the whole time, my boy scout days are long gone.

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Re: Most challenging public land DIY hunts

Unread postby publiclandhunter » Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:03 pm

For me it was Colorado public land elk. I wasn't even close to being in top physical shape, we hiked way back in to find elk and we used poor equipment (too heavy backpacks, etc). It was the hardest due to poor planning and equipment selection...yet it was also one of the most enjoyable.

Go farther, stay longer.........hunt harder.

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