Tricky spot to hunt

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Tricky spot to hunt

Unread postby Footballer » Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:46 am

This valley has everything a deer needs. There are two swamp-like marshes (pink) in the very bottom of the valley. There are rubs all around this bottom. I shot a buck in the saddle on the far left and the buck ran down and bedded in the first marsh.

Above the first march is a huge acorn flat that has 2 old logging roads torn up with scrapes and rubs every year. This is a big staging area for deer before they head to the big field up top.

We have a box blind overlooking the saddle on the far left. I hinge cut the majority of the saddle and it is not a thicket.

The yellow line are the trails the deer use coming out of the valley. There is only one trail going around the pond on the top right. I usually set up on the bluff above it and try to intercept the deer heading to the field.

The stand on the bottom left is overlooking a well-traveled bench. The bench bottlenecks right infront of the stand. Everything to the right of the stand on the bench is a thicket. I just hung this stand this year and was saving it for the rut. What is the best wind to hunt this stand?

The turquoise spots are where I have seen bucks before.

My general question is, how do you see a mature buck using this piece?

I know the bucks like the higher elevations, but this is prime deer country and a pain to hunt. What are your opinions?


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