Slow going

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Slow going

Unread postby Treejunkie » Sun Nov 07, 2010 11:20 pm

I have about 100 pics of this buck I was/am after on my place all summer and fall long. Ever since that 2 day wind storm we had roll into Wisconsin my deer sighting have dropped considerable. Where I was getting 200+ pics a week, I get 25. There is lots of standing water on my property. I am not sure if that is some of the cause of the lack of deer. Perhaps they moved out to get to drier ground, although not all of my ground is wet.

I have the only standing corn within about 1.5 miles. Everything else is picked over. Went out there Friday morning and hunted all day only to see 2 small bucks.

Hunted my place on Sat. am in a different stand and saw a small 8 pt chasing. You can just tell the deer activity is way down out there. I just cannot believe the total shutdown out on my place. I did notice also the neighbor has 4 dogs running by his place. I have not seen them in the woods while hunting, but if they are wondering, they could be my problem. :x

Went behind my moms place last night. Was a good sign when I saw 2 fawns eating apples off of her front yard. 8-) Got into my stand and had 3 fawns come out within 15 minutes of being there. Another 2 fawns come out and are all eating my rape and turnips I planted late summer.

All I saw last night were fawns. Does this tell you that all the mature does kicked away all their fawns for breeding purposes??

I did see a mature buck also at last light. His whole left side beam is broken off but he is a mature buck. When it was obivious that he was going to go out of shooting range, grunted and snort wheezed at him to no avail.

He was definetly crusing though. Was nice to finally see a buck to get this old heart pumping. :lol:

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Re: Slow going

Unread postby dan » Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:26 am

Could be a number of things... Maybe the buck bedding area got flooded? Maybe the doe bedding area got flooded? Maybe there are a couple hot does on the neighbors land that have the mature bucks over there... For me, a big part of being mobile goes beyond not setting up the same place I left scent. It also means moving when the hunting gets slow. Whatever the reason, you need to either wait it out, or hunt someplace else till the deer return to your property.

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