September Scrapes

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Re: September Scrapes

Unread postby dirt nap giver » Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:23 am

lungbuster wrote:I think it needs to be said that deer make scrapes year round, and not just for dominance/breeding during the pre-rut and rut......Scrapes are a communication between all deer, outside the rut mainly to show who is in the area, and does will make scrapes as well........I wonder if those sept. scrapes people are noticing are indeed freshly opened or have been used all year and since most hunters don't hit the woods til sept. that is when they are noticed??? I really don't hold much stock in hunting over scrapes as they are hit or miss if the big buck that left his sign there will come back in daylight hours. During the rut if I find alot of fresh scrapes in one area, I might set up near them as they will get more attention at this time by a number of different deer, and alot of the activity can be during daylight hours.......But I never hold any stock in hunting over early scrapes, because I feel, like I said, they are more than likely community scrapes that have been tended all year and the odds are slim you will find the deer you want tending it in daylight...........Just my 2 cents.

X2. I have seen numerous deer using a community scrape while turkey hunting in spring. However, the scrape grows in size every year come velvet shed.

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Re: September Scrapes

Unread postby publiclandhunter » Fri Sep 24, 2010 2:35 am

In thinking it over....I am not ususally in the woods in September since I have typically done all my scouting in the spring and don't get back in there til it is kill-time. Maybe I need to be in the woods in September more often? Need to add the September stroll to my tactics...

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