Pop up blinds - whos had success?

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Pop up blinds - whos had success?

Unread postby 10point » Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:11 pm

How many of you guys and gals have had succesful deer hunts out of pop up blinds? If so, was it a fresh setup, or had the blind been brushed in and set for a few weeks proir?

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Re: Pop up blinds - whos had success?

Unread postby Singing Bridge » Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:29 am

I've had success with a pop up on heavy pressure public land, but I also took a lot of extra precautions to make it work. Here in Michigan these types of blinds have to be set up and removed each day on public land- and just setting one up on this type of land will have yearling does picking you off with ease.

My set up- the downwind edge of a doe bedding point during the rut. Right behind the pop up it dropped off sharply to a creek/gully (my stand approach). I set the blind under a huge old balsam fir and brushed it in so heavily the average hunter wouldn't be able to tell a pop up was there. Even so, the heavy pressure buck I took immediately knew something was wrong when he stepped into the one natural shooting lane I had- and was turning to leave when I dropped him. Total elapsed time with the buck was less than ten seconds.

In this particular spot a treestand would have required a lot of trimming to get a shot off- something heavy pressure bucks don't tolerate very well. The pop up gave me overhead cover during some light rains and I passed some younger bucks in front of the blind a few days earlier.
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Re: Pop up blinds - whos had success?

Unread postby dan » Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:15 am

I have very little confidence in pop up blinds for deer hunting... I believe in being mobile and not over hunting a particular spot which would mean moving the pop up every time you hunt. I also believe in hunting near the bedding areas and sneaking close is one thing, sneaking close and setting up a tent is another.
I also believe a deer will notice the tent. You put that thing in his living room. Its like walking into your living room and seeing another couch. Your probably going to notice it right away.
If I had to hunt off the ground, I personally would use a natural blind like hiding in the branches of a dead fall or kneeling behind a rock.
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Re: Pop up blinds - whos had success?

Unread postby Dewey » Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:41 pm

I have had success with my pop up blind with does and young deer but never a mature buck.

The only way they can be used for whitetail is if the blind is brushed in extremely well. I use mine during late season just to stay a little warmer so I can stay out hunting longer on very cold days but it's mostly used for turkey hunting.

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